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Beliefs, values and my coaching style

As a coach I believe in:

  • Developing the potential in individuals, teams and organisations to maximise their talents for the benefit of all
  • Holistic coaching, so that we consider life/work balance to fit with practical solutions that work
  • Good and real two-way communication founded on authenticity, honesty, openness and trust - and having fun!
  • Raising your self awareness as a key in moving forward and facing change
  • Working with positive intent in the service of your development
  • Enabling choice and helping you to take ownership of, and in being self-directed about, the choices and plans you make

My values 

Maintaining complete confidentiality about you, your organisation and clients, the information we exchange.

  • Managing your expectations, so that I realistically match your needs with what I can provide and within the ‘contract’ 
  • Building rapport between us based on mutual respect, honesty and impartiality
  • Providing the right level of challenge and support to enable you to achieve your goals
  • Providing balanced and impartial feedback to increase self awareness
  • Being adaptable, responsive, and committed to meeting your needs 
  • Using a rich tapestry of resources and techniques 

Sustaining my own continuous personal development through active study and learning, receiving supervision, and by meeting the Association of Coaching's and the EMCC’s professional and ethical standards.


My coaching style

I provide a highly confidential and safe space to unload and to think, to talk through the issues, and to face any challenges and opportunities. Expect challenge and rigour in our coaching sessions, backed up by excellent listening. I've been told that I can bring insight and clarity to the complexities of working life - this enables break-throughs to happen. I enable my clients to make real choices to help them move forward, to see their 'blind spots' and gaps, and to focus on their personal development.