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Benefits and ROI for coaching

Coaching couple2

Just completed a series of coaching sessions for senior managers in a large County Council, and received some positive feedback.

  • Stimulating and positive experience
  • Changed some ways I'm doing things
  • Had impact and will have impact on changes coming up
  • Good to revisit plans and recent actions to explore issues at time of great change
  • Good to have confidential, off-line discussions in depth
  • Has made our senior management team meetings and processes more robust and processes more explicit
  • Been really good to talk to neutral person about work issues, as can get set in old ways that become habits
  • Helped us deal with a big assumption, that has saved us at least 6 months work!
  • Was surprised by outcome from tackling difficult manager - all resolved happily now
  • Helped me to 'manage up'
  • You have a wealth of resources - useful tools and techniques to apply to our situations
  • You listened and heard our issues/enjoyed opportunity to share current stuff

Often, I'm asked to 'justify' coaching and to list benefits and examples to prove that coaching has value. I hope some of the above anecdotal quotes help to answer those questions.

Published by Peter Welch on 01/06/2011