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Coach Supervision Group in Ludlow, Shropshire

Posted by Peter on 8 July 2018 | 0 Comments

Calling all active coaches and leaders who regularly coach their staff, plus HR/L&D professionals who coach others, internal coaches, trainers, project leaders and consultants who coach, professional coaches, life/personal growth coaches, business coaches, sports/performance coaches.

I'm providing a series of local group supervision meetings to support coaches and leaders in finding the resources they need to thrive, and to deepen their practice.

See article below about the benefits of participating in regular group supervision.

Certificates of supervision will be provided at the end of a series, based on regular attendance and an active CPD log.

Venue to be arranged but will be central - please contact me for dates and times.

Cost is £5 to enrol a group member; £130 for 6 months supervision, comprising 3 group meetings. Contact me about how to pay.

Booking essential as places will be limited to 8 members, so do contact me now: 

How Group Supervision can work for you

Definition of supervision …….

I go every 6 weeks to Group Supervision so, with the permission of my Group, I asked what Group Supervision did for them in one phrase. There were some interesting comments taking into account the Group I have met for a number of years and the quality of the group is therefore outstanding (including 6 supervisors!)

  • Safe to be vulnerable (remember contracting and confidentiality is vital)
  • Group Learning, even when the individual does not have any issues*, not groupthink!
  • Total trust within the group for both learning and sharing
  • Multi-dimensional and I leave energised
  • Held to account and held
  • In it together
  • No shame or blame and a chance to talk things through in detail

Out of this same session a number of generic aspects were seen which we all should be aware of if we want to be better coaches for our clients, which is what I believe supervision is all about.

  • What ethical code do you hold yourself to?
  • Setting boundaries
  • Contracting and re-contracting
  • Parallel Process
  • Blind Spots
  • Confidence
  • Improving standards

Then there were some interesting questions for when somebody doesn’t have a specific topic to bring to supervision or coaching*:

  • What questions are you holding?
  • What would you like to think about today?
  • What would you like to talk about today?

Interestingly enough when people don’t have things to talk about the questions and topics discussed can often become deeper.

  • How easy it is to allow our buttons to be pressed with some clients
  • Be aware of  games being played out with our clients 
  • Parallel process of lacking confidence and disempowerment between self and client 
  • Re-contracting on the rapport between self and client 
  • Being honest about how we feel towards our clients and how that plays out during the supervision session

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