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Coaching benefits organisations

More and more organisations are coming round to the benefits of coaching, but many still don’t exploit its full potential, so how can we use coaching to create a high-performing, customer-focused workforce?

This article outlines some helpful approaches and refers to a recent survey. According to a survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), 80% of organisations have used or are using coaching and another nine per cent are planning to use it. The report shows that this view is steadily changing, with 95% believing it is advantageous to the organisation. But the four out of five top reasons for using coaching are still related to benefits for individuals. These include developing a specific area of performance and enabling career progression.

If you'd like to discuss how coahing can benefit your organisation, or for you as a leader, do contact me.

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Published by Peter Welch on 06/02/2014