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Executive Coaching - the challenge begins

Posted by Peter on 12 July 2010 | 0 Comments

Do you believe that even senior managers and execs could benefit from a little coaching?! I thought you might but executive coaching brings special challenges: - Execs want to change certain behaviours, often quite quickly - yet these behaviours have been learnt and established over several careers and may have become ingrained, making change harder.

Execs also don't always see the effects their behaviour has on others. To bring about change, they need to first become aware of their impact, so raising awareness is one role of the coach.

Execs need to be assured that the coach they are choosing is well-rounded in experience, has the credibility to challenge them, and has the resources to support them. I've just started a new 6 month contract to provide executive coaching for a Board member, for a Horsham-based organisation. For more information about how I can support your senior managers with confidential 121 support, please contact me.

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