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Mentoring programme for NHS Trust

Posted by Peter on 23 April 2010 | 0 Comments


Ran some workshops for mentors participating in the NHS Trust Mentoring Programme 'Step Ahead'. The programme ran for approx. 9 months and focused on developing talent and careers within the Trust. The workshops were aimed at preparing the mentors well for their initial meetings with mentees, and included the topics of: Mentoring principles and foundations for good practice mentoring.

The 'getting started' phase included contracting, matching expectations, role clarity, creating an initial agenda - and focused on the key skills of rapport building, questioning and listening.

Some simple models were also introduced, like GROW and the Learning Cycle, to help the mentors get started. 

Further learning models, tools and skills were introduced to assist the mentors in the development phase, and to deepen the relationship. Mentor/mentee pairs have been matched in contrasting occupational roles to bring an element of 'stretch' to the relationship. 

If you are interested in more about creating an effective mentoring programme for your organisation, or in being mentored yourself, please contact me.

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