leaders, managers, professionals, coaches, organisations

Who I work with

Individuals and Coaches

I work with leaders and coaches to overcome barriers to success and to develop solutions and self-motivation to fulfil their potential. I coach executives, managers and professionals to improve their performance, and I supervise coaches in their professional development.

I draw upon a wealth of experience and use a rich tapestry of techniques and tools. I have gathered many powerful success stories that help people towards a better understanding of the way they work most effectively.

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  • do you want to develop your leaders and their teams? Would you like to enhance the coaching culture in your organisation, making you an employer of choice?
  • gain clarity on where the blockages are in your organisation and know how to move forward
  • feel safe knowing that you’re working with an established, accredited and experienced coach and coach supervisor
  • be reassured that I will work with you and adapt to your company culture
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Learning Providers

Are you looking to resource a tender or to develop a strong team for a client? As a specialist in leadership, personal development, team performance and developing talent, you have the security of knowing that I:

  • am a recognised coach with a strong track record and experience across many sectors, who repeatedly gets great results
  • will be as responsive to you and your clients as possible
  • am able to match the client culture and fit in with it, working respectfully and impartially
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