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You are here: Home » Blog » Making the most of 360 Feedback, by adding coaching!

Making the most of 360 Feedback, by adding coaching!

Posted by Peter Welch on 12 July 2012 | 0 Comments

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I'm now offering 360 degree feedback reports, that are completed online, coupled with a selection of high impact coaching tools for 'feed-backers'.

Providing a pragmatic framework for feeding back views to recipients is one thing, but we must convert the feedback into the best possible outcomes and form a development plan that they are committed to. Research suggests that real performance improvement and personal growth occurs when feedback recipients are provided with the appropriate support to work through the following 3 transition steps:

Feedback into Action - Transition Steps

Step 1 - Accept feedback in a positive way - gain a genuine and accurate picture of how they are seen by those around them. A trained 'feed-backer' can help the recipient to receive the messages in a balanced way, including their strengths.

Step 2 - Action planning - after a 'mulling over' period from receiving the feedback report that allows time for personal reflection, the 'feedbacker' can help them to convert the feedback conclusions into a set of pragmatic, forward-looking actions that will benefit them and their organisation.

Action planning is also about building enthusiasm and commitment to change and supporting the  recipient in gaining the self confidence to give development goals a determined go and in building the confidence to see them through.

Step 3 - Follow through - providing ongoing support to enable recipients to deliver on their plans and adopt new ways of working is a key step in delivering behaviour change, and one which many organisations get wrong. When combined with coaching support, the results can be immediate an long-lasting!

See my mini case study for an example of how this was recently carried out in a mid-sized construction and maintenace company. Contact me for more information as to how to set up and administer 360 degree Feedback Reports, and for workshops for the 'feed-backers'.

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