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  • BHF shortlisted for award!


    British Heart Foundation (one of my recent clients) has been shortlisted for an award!

  • Video short 2: Life Coaching


    Here's a short video about the life coachng I offer, and a bit about my coaching style.

  • Video short 3: Coach Supervision


    Here's a short introductory video I made about coaching supervision and my style as a supervisor (2 mins 50 secs). 

  • What's our purpose? An inspiring video


    What's your life purpose?

  • Video short 1: a bit about me...


    Here's a short introductory video I made so you know a bit more about your coach and a little about my coaching style (1 min 50 secs). 

  • Working Smarter, not Harder!


    A recent survey of the top 3 coach’s issues as presented by their clients, reported that time pressures, priorities and overwhelm topped the list!

  • Why coaching is the key to liberating your workforce in an uncertain business world


    Your Link

  • Are some of your staff stuck in neutral?


    Nice article by Hannah Stratford, citing CIPD’s latest employee outlook which suggests that the overwhelming majority of employees fall into the neutral category, with 58% of employees neither engaged nor disengaged. How true is that for your staff? Read the article here.

  • Association Of Coaching Supervisors is here to support your needs


    I'm a co-founder and director of AOCS, so please check it out:

  • Association of Coaching accreditation


    Peter has just had his coaching accredited by peers in AC, so is now designated 'AC Accredited'.

  • Benefits and ROI for coaching


    Just completed a series of coaching sessions for senior managers in a large County Council, and received some positive feedback.

  • Book Review: The Leadership Challenge


    The 5th edition of the seminal The Leadership Challenge book is out (over 2 million copies of the original sold worldwide), and my review is attached.

  • Book review: Coaching Supervision at its BEST


    I've just read Jackie Arnold's engaging book 'Coaching Supervision at its BEST', and have completed a review here.

  • Book review: How not to Worry


    Taking a break from reviewing some of the heavier coaching books, to review 'How not to Worry' by Paul McGee.

  • Book review: How to Create a Coaching Culture


    Creating the right coaching culture in any organisation is an elusive prize, but one wortth persuing I believe as it empowers others and frees up management time, and enhances the skills and style of managers.

  • Book review: Leadership Team Coaching


    Just written another book review on 'Leadership Team Coaching' by Peter Hawkins. Please click here to upload the review (pdf file).

  • Book review: Managing Coaching at Work


    Here's a book review I've written for Managing Coaching at Work, by Jackie Keddy & Clive Johnson.

  • Budget cuts leading to rise of informal learning


    Has your training budget shrunk in line with less business growth and profit? Are you trying to achieve more with less funds? Read the attached article on the rise of informal learning, and how I can help make your money go a little further...

  • Coaching benefits organisations


    More and more organisations are coming round to the benefits of coaching, but many still don’t exploit its full potential, so how can we use coaching to create a high-performing, customer-focused workforce?

  • Coaching benefits wellbeing


    Coaching enhances staff wellbeing over time

  • Free offer during International Coaching Week & International Coaching Supervision Day on 11th May


    It's International Coaching Week from 7th to 13th May & International Coaching Supervision Day on May 11th

  • Cos you're worth it


    Cos you're worth it

  • Encounters with reality - perspectives on coaching supervision


    So you're a professional coach - maybe a life-coach, or a performance coach, business coach or in one of the many niches and specialisms that have developed in recent years. Do you have supervision? Have you thought of having supervision? Why should you? After all, the research shows that most...

  • Executive coaching for Board member


    A new 6 month contract to provide executive coaching for a Board member has commenced, for a Horsham-based organisation. Yes, even Board members need support sometimes!

  • Great coach videos!


    Great coach videos! Nic Askew - a film maker and musician in the US - produces beautiful short videos that are definitely worth watching.

  • I'm supporting International Coaching Supervision Day on 11th May, 2018


    International Coaching Supervision Day is on 11th May, 2018

  • Improving employee engagement is now L&D’s top business driver!


    Latest L&D priorities from Learning Trends lists engagement as the top priority. How does this fit with your priorities? See an extract of the report here for this and other top priorities.

  • Leading workplace culture video


    Came across this short video by Steve Simpson of Cultural Intelligence and he states that it’s a leader’s beliefs that impact the culture of an organisation, which he terms UGRs - unwritten ground rules. Take a look and have a think about the UGRs that abound in your organisation, or...

  • Living and coping in a VUCA world


    VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) is part of the new normal. How we learn to adapt, live and lead more purposefully will determine how well we survive and thrive.

  • Mentoring for Productivity


    Mentoring doesn't have to be an optional extra or a 'nice to have', it can be harnessed to bring real productivity amongst your team.

  • Now offering ILM Coaching & Mentoring courses & awards


    Peter Welch Coaching is now offering ILM Coaching & Mentoring courses and awards. Example outline at level 3 attached fyi to download.

  • Mindfulness and Presence workshop run for London Coaching Group


    Slides from a Mindfulness and Presence workshop given to the London Coaching Group on 25th March, 2010. See the attendee's feedback in Blog, plus opportunity to run this event again.

  • People Alchemy partnership


    I've linked up with the People Alchemy - the off-line learning resources company - to provide their extensive range of learning resources to my customers and coaching clients. I've long been an admirer and advocate for People Alchemy's style and content, as they use the best writers to provide a...

  • Misconceptions about Gen Y could see critical shortage of managers in ten years' time


    Recent research shows that Gen Y are not that interested in management positions, which means that your business may be short of real leadership talent emerging in time to support your business.

  • Overcoming human hurdles


    Useful article from Patrick Ballin of who explores the human barriers we have to overcome.

  • Peter Welch Coaching offers 360° Feedback for teams


    360° feedback provides insightful information to a performer from a number of sources both inside and outside the organisation. In this way, a performer will “see” how others see them without the potential embarrassment of talking face-to-face.

  • Peter Welch Coaching offers Thomas International assessments and profiles


    I've teamed up with Thomas International and am accredited to provide individual profile assessments for coachees, and for people participating in a learning programme. Thomas International provide over 1m assessments a year for organisations worldwide, in over 56 languages, so the profiles produced are benchmarked for consistency and comparability.

  • Peter Welch Coaching website launched


    Peter Welch Coaching launched this new website on 5th January, 2010 to gather comments and feedback from a selected audience.

  • Peter Welch Coaching wins Mentoring contract within NHS Trust


    A 9 month contract to provide a local NHS Trust with a Mentoring Programme is well under way.

  • Peter Welch wins Mentoring Progamme at PBA


    Peter Welch Coaching, in conjuction with Marlborough Training, have just won a 12 month contract to support PBA - Paul Brett Associates -  a planning, economic and technical consultancy, in creating a structured mentoring programme to include executive level workshops, materials, mentor supervision, and guidance towards winning the ISMPE Mentoring...

  • Peter joins the Association for Coaching


    I joined the Association for Coaching as a full member, and intend going for full accreditation as an executive coach mid-summer. Having recently attended ACs 'Going Global' international conference, I was very impressed at their professionalism, organisation and friendliness.

  • Rescuer syndrome and the coaches desire to help


    The desire to help others is a great quality, but what if this desire goes too far?

  • Research on the impact of coaching


    Research on the impact of coaching in the FE sector

  • Research shows that coaching is contributing more to leadership development


    Research conducted by Tribal Group plc concludes that coaching is contributing more to the development of personal qualities, personal skills and behaviours of individual leaders than it is to team building and strategic thinking.

  • Research: What execs want from coaches


    Research: What CEOs Really Want from Coaching - by Gretchen Gavett  

  • Staying in or going out?


    The economic downturn has blurred the distinction between internal and external coaches. Internal coaches are cost-effective and have a good knowledge of the organisation.

  • Survey: half of UK managers are ineffective


    50% of management are ineffective – but which half?!

  • Tapping into the Human Cloud


    'Dawn of The Human Cloud'In 2020, it's predicted that contract work will make up 25 to 35% of all work.

  • Team Coaching - a way forward


    Team coaching is an increasingly prominent component of the people development strategies of organisations across the UK. More and more organisations are recognising that their challenges cannot be faced by focusing purely on individual performance - effective teamwork is essential for the delivery of change, high performance and collaboration.

  • Team Coaching - is your organisation ready for it?


    Team coaching is an increasingly prominent component of the people development strategies of organisations across the UK. More and more organisations are recognising that their challenges cannot be faced by focusing purely on individual performance - effective teamwork is essential for the delivery of change, high performance and collaboration.

  • Team Leadership programme completed


    A Team Leader Development Programme was completed (in conjunction with Roberson Associates) that was started in mid-2010.

  • Team facilitation training for Sussex Wildlife Trust


    Provided an enjoyable workshop for team members who facilitate groups of stakeholders and communities to engage with their excellent work. We tried out a range of facilitation 'tools' such as Vision Gallery, 'World cafe', Open Space techniques and handling post-it displays...