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Peter Welch Coaching offers Thomas International assessments and profiles


I've teamed up with Thomas International and am accredited to provide individual profile assessments for coachees, and for people participating in a learning programme. Thomas International provide over 1m assessments a year for organisations worldwide, in over 56 languages, so the profiles produced are benchmarked for consistency and comparability.

The two profiles I am able to offer currently are:

  • Personal Profile Analysis - (also known as DISC) this identifies behaviour preferences at work, an individual's strengths and limitations, job compatibility, plus their motivation and communication preferences. Uses: recruitment/job profiling, internal promotion decisions, retention/career planning, personal development plans, and style of management needed to bring out their best. Can also be used with teams to create a Team Audit.
  • GIA: General Intelligence Assessment - measures mental agility and is a reliable predictor of a person's development potential - how quickly they can learn and retain new skills and procedures, how well they will respond to training, and identifies what strategies they may need to cope and be successful. Uses: assessing potential for a new job role, promotion decisions, creating development plans.

Clearly, these profiles add great insight for both organisations making key decisions and for individual's receiving the reports via structured feedback. I believe that these products dovetail excellently with my coaching services and am already using them successfully with teams and individuals. I'm happy to talk through your individual needs in accessing these tools and to provide a quote, so please contact me.

Typically, a Personal Profile Analysis that produces up to 5 sub-reports, will cost £200; a GIA produces one report and will cost £80. We can discuss additional options for feedback to you or the team.

Published by Peter Welch on 23/07/2010