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Here are a few resources I use and often refer to.

Alchemy Performance Assistant learning resources

A real goldmine of easy-to-use learning resources! I often include Alchemy as a learning resource when working with teams and individuals, and coachees seem to really value it. It's not an e-learning resource but an off-line, text-based, easy-to-read resource covering a wide range of personal development and management topics written by some top authors. You can also sample the materials yourself free!

As an affiliate of Alchemy, I can provide you with a short-term licence so that you can offer this learning resource to your clients at a discount on their regular prices. Please contact me for more information about licences.

A range of individual and team self-assessments and reports, covering:

360° feedback provides insightful information to a performer from a number of sources both inside and outside the organisation. Enables a performer will “see” how others see them from feedback gathered anonymously online. Report presented which enables the person to gain insight into their perceived strengths and development areas. This leads to completion and commitment to a personal development plan that quantifies development priorities in those ‘hard to quantify’ soft skills e.g. communications.

Team Coaching, starting with a Team Analysis