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Team Coaching - a way forward

Team Coaching session

Team coaching is an increasingly prominent component of the people development strategies of organisations across the UK. More and more organisations are recognising that their challenges cannot be faced by focusing purely on individual performance - effective teamwork is essential for the delivery of change, high performance and collaboration.

This means that organisations need to develop their own internal teams, and independent team coaches are better serviced by an external provider. 

Recognising that high calibre team coaches (internal and independent) will be in increasing demand, to addresses the needs of a market where 95% of organisations have plans to introduce team coaching in the next three years. (Ridler Report 2013)

I've started some team work with a local school who wish to engage further with team-related issues, to help them be even more successful. 

I adopt the model developed by Prof Peter Hawkins in ‘Team Coaching in Practice’: commissioning, clarifying, co-creating, connecting, and core learning to support a team's performance. I can also provide coaching supervision to the team coach to ensure a consistent, values-driven and ethical stance is taken.

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Published by Peter Welch on 13/09/2016