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How to develop team leaders?

Posted by Peter on 17 May 2010 | 0 Comments

Developing internal talent is not always easy to do, so I've designed a cost-effective programme of intensive learning that will bring the best out of the people there and take them to a higher level of performance. Using self-directed learning principles at its core, this programme blends together the best tools for accelerating the learning by using a range of support for team leaders to access.

You need a place to start to benchmark skill levels, so we began with each team leader completing a self-assessment against management competencies. From this, we analysed the current needs and created a series of short workshops to provide essential skills and practice, and provided 1-1 coaching along with peer learning groups, to maximise the learning opportunities. Individual work-based projects was a focus for the learning.

External learning resources were available to the team leaders through People Alchemy to meet individual learning needs. Participants were encouraged to keep a learning journal or diary as they went along.

Evaluation stage repeated the self-competency assessment, as well as project presentations. Overall performance change was gauged through performance appraisals after the programme ends.

For more information about how this type of learning programme could be adapted to meet your organisation's need, please contact me.

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