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The new design for the new organisation

Posted by Peter Welch on 21 April 2016 | 41 Comments


The new design for the new organisation

Sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce and the nature of work itself. Disruptive changes in technologies, business models and workforce demographics are rocking the foundations of organisations around the world.

To meet these changes, the "new organisation" will be built around highly empowered teams, driven by a new model of management, and led by younger, more globally-diverse leaders.

This new organisation demands that leaders take on new roles as stewards and designers of new processes. It challenges us to simplify processes that people use, help employees manage a flood of information at work, and build a culture of collaboration, empowerment and innovation.

This is a pivotal time for developing talent and learning teams, so if you would like support to:

  • Reinvent leadership
  • Provide access to learning everywhere in the organisation
  • Create team coaching and team supervision

Do contact me for an informal chat at:

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