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Working with coaches

Ever finished a coaching session and felt it a bit lacklustre, that it could have gone better, but you're not sure why or how?

Do you sometimes worry if you're providing what your client needs, or providing good value for money?

Supervision helps us to recognise our default positions, helps us to develop alternative approaches, and to consider a range of tools we could bring to our next client session. I've noticed that coaches often don't give themselves permission to challenge their clients enough - whilst clients rarely ask for it, it's something they value highly - because it brings dramatic results!

Would you benefit from a 'listening ear' within a safe space to reflect on your approach and style as a coach?

As coaches, we work alone mostly and occasionally need to feel really listened to ourselves. Supervision supports you in creating space for you to really unload and relieves the pressure of facing issues alone. Together, we work through challenges and issues facing you with your clients and co-create realistic solutions to take to your next coaching session.

Need to enhance your presence and be more resourceful in your coaching sessions with clients? 

Supervision helps us to deepen our practice by drawing on psychological-mindful models, and by focusing on the presence we bring to our coaching sessions. Sometimes less is more! Just by sitting with presence with our clients, we bring a higher level of attentiveness that enables us to give them just what they need. 

Need supervision to help your marketing efforts, for accreditation or CPD purposes?

Supervision helps increase your credibility by demonstrating that your work is supervised and monitored for quality. It also helps you win more business and keep the clients you've got - I can issue supervision certificates too!

Do you occasionally run into contracting difficulties or face ethical dilemmas?

Supervision helps you to deal with issues presented effectively and professionally by applying best practice that sits well with your values and authenticity. It's surprising how often this occurs with coaches I supervise, so you're not alone here.

If your answer is "yes" to any of the above then coach supervision could be just right for you.

I ensure that coaches have regular supervision, whether 121 or in small groups. I work with executive coaches, life coaches, team coaches, and all manner of coaches in-between. They need to be active - with current clients, not still in training to be qualified, and have a genuine desire for their coaching to be improved and supported.

I'm a qualified and accredited coach supervisor through The Coaching Supervision Academy and, of course, receive regular supervision myself. I'm able to provide supervision certificates to support your practice and ongoing CPD.

Feel confident knowing that you're working with an adaptable and experienced superb-visor who can quickly relate to your issues, and bring your best strengths to the surface, and help you work on any less-developed skills.