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Working with individuals and leaders

I especially find success in supporting:


  • Leaders, CEOs and executives needing to unload and reflect on their present situation, be aligned with their vision, and to plan for the future
  • Leaders seeking to enhance their authenticity and wishing to build a compelling vision that others will want to follow
  • People focused on job or career change to maximise their strengths and potential
  • Recently promoted individuals going through transition and wishing to focus on their impact over the first 90 days
  • Personal development and skill-building for individuals focused on being successful and on broadening their range of skills and techniques

Some questions that help you to focus:

Are you at the crossroads in your career? Not sure which road to choose?

Let me support you in making the best choice for what's best for you, even if it's the road less travelled, to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Do you need to accelerate your performance and achieve greater results at work?

Together we will identify your main strengths and motivators and build on these. We will also identify obstacles facing you, plan to overcome them and you'll gain momentum for change.

Are you trying to get your talents recognised at work and the promotion you deserve?

I will support you in tackling your development goals, help you to stand out from the crowd, and prepare you well to get the role you want.

Is your effectiveness at work holding you back?

I can help you identify blockages to increased performance and enable you to step up a level, to be all you can be.

Need to get the best out of a learning programme?

Are you enrolled on a formal study programme? Or attending a series of in-house workshops? Perhaps tackling e-learning modules? Or are you involved in projects?

Whatever the vehicle, I can enable you to prepare for, and then extract the maximum benefit from, these learning experiences. We can also identify applications for this learning to your work and career development.

Feel confident knowing that you're working with an adaptable coach who can quickly relate to your issues, and bring the best of accelerated, adult learning principles to the situation.

Think you may need some help?