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Working with organisations

Develop a culture of coaching and learning

Do you sense that your organisation is not maximising the sharing of knowledge and learning that is available?

Do you want to be a more attractive employer by creating a culture of coaching and learning in your organisation?

How will you will know that you have a coaching climate?

Take this short survey to ask the key questions:

I will bring proven tools to help you to assess where you are now in developing a coaching and learning culture, and then provide a practical process for taking the culture forward, with measures to gauge progress. 

We will co-create a plan for your organisation’s ‘learning journey’ with milestones to enable you to track progress and invest your resources wisely to achieve the desired results.

Feel confident knowing that you’re working with an adaptable coach who can quickly absorb and relate to your culture. Organisations I have researched and worked with in this context include Marks & Spencer, British Airways (Quest), The Body Shop, BUPA, and Ordnance Survey.