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You are here: Home » Blog » Have you considered mentor-supervision for mentors?

Have you considered mentor-supervision for mentors?

Posted by Peter Welch on 24 February 2015 | 0 Comments

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Mentor supervision can bring you the best mentors

The key point in a current article in TJ says:

Above all, the real difference to making a mentoring programme sustainable and bringing about the desired behavioural change of the mentors is supervision for the mentors.

Supervision needs to be provided by a professionally trained supervisor/coach who is independent from the organisation and therefore is able to recognise and challenge unconscious bias in individuals and within the organisation. This independence gives the supervisor the credibility and authority to ‘check in’ with the mentors and provide a safe space for them to reflect and learn from their relationship with their mentee.

A well set up mentor programme can be easily combined with other initiatives to develop senior leaders. Because of the lasting behaviour change that mentor supervision can bring, it can form an important component to broader ranging cultural change programmes.

Authors: Dr. Carola Hieker is a business psychologist who specialises in senior executive coaching. Maia Rushby is a HR consultant and executive coach.

Mentor-supervision article in Training Journal is 'How mentor-supervision can give you the best mentors' is at

I agree with this view, and have advocated clients to build supervision into their programmes, alongside proper briefing/training for both mentors and mentees. It's surprising how many mentors and mentees don't know what their roles are!

I do find that HR people (generally, not all) are a bit clueless when it comes to completing the circle. They think that they have finished the job once they've announced the initiative and some initial training has been given, but they don't consider the quality control aspects or where mentors should take the issues raised during mentoring sessions. Mentors need support too!
So how do we close this 'thinking gap'?

For guidance and help on this, please contact me:





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