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New Year, new decade, new goals?

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New year, new decade, new goals? 

Business coaching’s birth is partly a product of the slow demise of the ‘company man’ (in the post-war period, it was typically men), in which an employee could rely on one employer to see them through his working life. Today, the support of a coach might be sought to help workers navigate several complex organisations. 

As longevity and rising pension ages increase working lives, so workers will also change careers multiple times, perhaps seeking a coach to help them do so. 

Previously hiring a coach might have been perceived as a sign of weakness, but these days, it indicates a serious player who values themselves, much in the way an elite athlete is honed and sharpened by a personal trainer. 

New goals? 

The first part of January is typically when I see a surge in the number of enquiries from people requesting a coach - does that include you? 

  • Maybe your career direction needs a re-boot?
  • Maybe you've got some important goals to achieve during the next decade but are not sure how to begin?
  • Perhaps there's a complex situation that requires insight and help to navigate?
  • Perhaps you are taking on a leadership role and want to make a seamless upward transition?
  • Maybe you want to make a difference and leave a memorable legacy but need some help kick-starting that mission?

Whatever your reason or drivers do contact me to book some space to talk things through:

Published by Peter Welch on 06/01/2020