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Organisational Development

Organisational Development - helping organisations to be more effective and to build capacity

Warren Bennis has referred to Organisational Development as a strategy to change beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organisations so that they can better adapt to new technology, markets and challenges.

It can also be an intervention to enhance the capacity of an organisation and it's culture. For example, many organisations wish to adopt a more consultative style of leading and communicating to meet the needs of today's workforce. This can often be achieved by helping their managers to use a coaching and mentoring style when leading, and to facilitate conversations as a means of engagement rather than simply telling people what to do.

My work experience gained as an external consultant and within American Express has enabled me to assist 'change champions' and internal OD specialists in bringing about the culture change their organisation desires. Such culture change could focus on:

  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Creating a learning culture
  • Creating a knowledge-sharing culture
  • Adopting a facilitative style of communicating
  • Nurturing and retaining talent
  • Building capacity for self-managed learning
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