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Overcoming barriers to effective coaching

Posted by Peter Welch on 3 November 2015 | 0 Comments


Research offering a rare view from the coachee perspective has confirmed that, for the vast majority of coachees, coaching is successful. Download the research doc here.

Digging deeper, the study made interesting discoveries about the barriers to effective coaching. Researchers found that 84 per cent of coachees said they had faced barriers along the way, with unclear development goals or lack of agreement with their coach as the most frequently-mentioned barrier.

Interesting to note that, whilst the coach has some work to do (44% effectiveness could be enhanced), 53% of the impact on the coachee is outside of the coach’s influence i.e. boss or organisational factors.

See the Infographic that provides the research summary.

I work with many coaches and, through coaching supervision, many of the issues identified in this research can be fairly easily remedied.

For support on some of the issues raised here do contact me for an informal chat:

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