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Peter Welch Coaching offers 360° Feedback for teams

360° feedback provides insightful information to a performer from a number of sources both inside and outside the organisation. In this way, a performer will “see” how others see them without the potential embarrassment of talking face-to-face.

Respondents are selected by the person – their manager, peers, team members, external contacts and customers – and invited to provide anonymous feedback online (up to 24 respondents can be selected). Their feedback is gathered and presented in a report which enables the person to gain insight into their perceived strengths and development areas.

This leads to completion and commitment to a personal development plan that quantifies development priorities in those ‘hard to quantify’ soft skills e.g. communications.

Why use 360° feedback?

  • 360° feedback is fast to complete, easy to administer, and is repeatable – you can benchmark reviews for future comparison
  • Anonymous, so protects individuals’ sensitivity to giving real feedback directly
  • Enhances the performers behaviour by increasing self-awareness and by focusing on specifics within competencies in Leadership or Sales areas – see example graph of competencies
  • Helps team dynamics and team behaviour
  • Supplements existing leadership and management development programmes, coaching and talent management processes

Quotes can be provided; please contact me on 01892 853300 and

Download full document , case study and approximate costs here. View sample 360 degree analysis here.

Published by Peter Welch on 02/07/2012