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Peter Welch wins Mentoring Progamme at PBA

Peter Welch Coaching, in conjuction with Marlborough Training, have just won a 12 month contract to support PBA - Paul Brett Associates -  a planning, economic and technical consultancy, in creating a structured mentoring programme to include executive level workshops, materials, mentor supervision, and guidance towards winning the ISMPE Mentoring Award (to be endorsed by the EMCC).

The programme will commence with several executive-level workshops to help the senior managers to mentor the talent identified within PBA. Follow up sessions will be held to support the mentors in dealing with any issues arising from the mentoring sessions, such as confidentiality, ethics, promotion, etc.

Guidance for the HRD to gain the ISMPE Mentoring Award will be provided. The purpose of the ISMPE is to provide a consistent and globally accepted benchmark of good practice in mentoring programme management to ensure that mentoring programmes are:

  • Well designed
  • Well managed
  • Signficiantly contributing to the development of participants and the effectiveness of the organisation

Six Core Standards within this award are:

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Stakeholder Training and Briefing
  • Processes for Selection and Matching
  • Processes for Measurement and Review
  • Maintains High Standards of Ethics and Pastoral Care
  • Administration and Support

Do contact me if your organisation might be interested in achieving this standard, which is seeking EMCC endorsement.

Additional workshops and support for Graduate Mentors is expected to follow. PBA

Published by Peter Welch on 18/09/2012