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Survey: half of UK managers are ineffective

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50% of management are ineffective – but which half?!

A recent survey from the Chartered Management Institute and Penna suggests that nearly half of UK line managers are ineffective. What’s more, the survey shows a direct link between management effectiveness and organisational success; only 39% of managers in low performing businesses rated their line managers as effective, compared to 80% of managers in high performing companies. You can read the survey results here

What managers are looking for

If research is suggesting that managers might not be as effective as they could be, then this begs the question – what help do managers feel they need to perform better? Managers’ top learning needs were:

1. leadership

2. coaching

3. communications

4. managing change

5. feedback (giving, but also getting?)

Fortunately, I provide workshops and coaching in all these areas (phew). So whether your team need to come to a manager development workshop or be coached more privately 1-1, do contact me for a proposal to support your needs.

Published by Peter Welch on 26/04/2012